This is the list of the players that have register for the tournament, in alphabetical order by first name. Payment status will change as soon as payment will be cleared. Check now the prices HERE and do not miss the chance to participate in the Patras World Championship ADLG 2020!

0 Name Country Payment
1 Andy Finkel United Kingdom Paid  
2 Anthony Rodwell United Kingdom Paid  
3 David Allen United Kingdom Pending  
4 David Saunders United Kingdom Paid  
5 Duncan Richards New Zealand Paid  
6 Ian Sharp Australia Paid  
7 Inaki Iraizoz Spain Paid  
8 Jean-Louis Maistriaux Belgium Pending  
9 Joe Blacker United Kingdom Pending  
10 Max Irving United Kingdom Paid  
11 Philippe Nedelec France Paid  
12 Richard Young United Kingdom Paid  
13 Robin Jackson Ireland Pending  
14 Simon Finney United Kingdom Paid  
15 Simon LeRay-Meyer United Kingdom Paid  
16 Stephen Ladányi New Zealand Paid  
17 Thomas Maistriaux Belgium Pending  
18 Tim Porter United Kingdom Paid  

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